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Top Ten Phones

Samsung Galaxy A5

Samsung Galaxt A5 available for purchase at our store for RO 148 Only Since August ...

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is another great Android phone, particularly when productivity is concerned. ...

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LG’s flagship smartphone, LG G5, is also the world’s first modular smartphone. This Android phone ...

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OnePlus 3

The OnePlus 3 has grabbed the third position on our ‘best phones to buy’ with ...

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Xiaomi Mi5

Xiaomi’s two-year-long wait for the Mi 5 translated into a massive upgrade over its previous ...

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LeEco Le Max 2

The Le Max 2 might be a slightly larger phone but it is one of ...

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Google Pixel XL

After partnering with multiple phone makers over the years, Google has finally produced a smartphone ...

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HTC 10

The HTC 10 is another great Android phone to look for in the flagship smartphone ...

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Technology Update

Airlines can now stop making those pre-flight warnings about the Galaxy Note 7

News for those getting tired of hearing Galaxy Note 7 warnings before every flight they ...

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Google’s Toontastic storytelling 3D app for kids

Two years ago, Google bought Launchpad Toys, the company behind the popular Toontastic kids app ...

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Apple iOS 10 and iOS 10.2 features and updates you must know

Apple’s iOS 10 and iOS 10.2 updates for your iPhone and iPad really live up ...

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Samsung Gear S3 the big thing

Samsung’s never shied away from going big. Big phones, big TVs, big watches. In fact, ...

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